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Pentanet.GG OPL Roster Announcement

Following the closure of split one of the Oceanic Pro League, Pentanet.GG has decided to make changes to its League of Legends roster - moving Paris “Souli” Sitzoukis to the bench and adding veteran player Jackson “Pabu” Pavone to the starting roster.

Souli has been an integral part of our transition into the Oceanic Pro League, from being a shining light with our social media content to showing the league what he is made of on Summoner’s Rift during his full rookie season. Despite his move to the bench, Pentanet.GG has given Souli the freedom of exploring all available options.

Pete Curulli, General Manager of Pentanet.GG, has said in a statement As we continue to grow as an organisation and evolve not just our pathway but also the definition of what we stand for, I'm really excited to welcome Pabu into the organisation. His performances throughout split one impressed us and I look forward to the energy he'll bring to the team.”

“It is at the heart of our organisation that we look after every player in our team, regardless of what role they play. If we roster someone, we commit to them, which brings me to Souli.”

“Souli is a charismatic, passionate, and talented OPL player. He is giving his future with Pentanet.GG some thought, and we will continue to support his professional development by establishing the appropriate LoL and content coaching around him until such time as he makes a decision.”

“It is a balance between what we can provide and where he personally wants to take his career, so if Souli decides to chase opportunities elsewhere we will support the decision, but my hope is that he stays and continues to make the most of what we can offer,” concluded Pete.

Jackson “Pabu” Pavone comes to the roster as our new starting Jungler, which means he will be transitioning from his usual duties as a Top Laner on Summoner’s Rift. Jackson is no stranger to our roster, as he once competed alongside our Head Coach, Scott “Westonway" Farmer, on the former Abyss lineup back in 2017.

Head Coach of our Oceanic Pro League team, Scott “Westonway” Farmer, gave comment on the signing of Pabu by stating “I am excited to work with Pabu again for split two of 2020. He has a strong set of values that align with the team.”

“Pabu is a player that brings confidence, good communication skills and an eagerness to learn, all qualities that are well suited to the jungle position,” concluded Scott.

Jackson “Pabu” Pavone gave comment on joining the team by stating I’m super keen to finally play a role with so much influence over the game. The team is super talented and I’m hoping I can bring them the direction and confidence to take them to the next level.”

Adding, “It’s going to be embarrassing when players who have been playing this role for almost a decade get rolled over by me.”

Pentanet.GG will be returning to the rift soon, as we look forward to taking on split two of the Oceanic Pro League with a new look. We hope that you, the fans, are staying safe during the current pandemic situation that has struck the world and we look forward to returning to your computer screens soon.