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OPL Week 9 - Recap & Highlights Reel

It’s a tough time for our League of Legends team at the moment, as they have just come off the back of a 0:3 weekend in the Oceanic Pro League. With that being said, everything is on the line for week ten if we want any chance of making the playoffs.

Currently we have a three-way tie with Gravitas and Avant Gaming for fifth place - both of them have the head-to-head on us, which means we need to show some strong results this coming weekend and hope that Gravitas and Avant Gaming lose a couple of theirs.

PGG vs Avant Gaming

Likewise with our other two matches played over the weekend, we came into this match with a win and a loss against Avant Gaming - which meant that a win here would be crucial for any potential draws.

Although things kicked off well at the start of the match, having picked up first blood and a couple more kills, Avant Gaming started to accelerate away from us with the game - up until we rallied together to pull off an impressive comeback.

Nonetheless, it all came down to a crucial teamfight towards the top side jungle. Sadly we weren’t able to prevail and ultimately Avant Gaming closed out the match after a very well fought match.

PGG vs Mammoth

Given that we weren’t able to complete our match with Mammoth during week seven of the Oceanic Pro League, due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the studio closing down, we had a rescheduled match against them this past weekend.

Following our loss against Avant Gaming, our boys then went on to face Mammoth an hour later, where they hoped to turn things around and pick up a crucial win. Sadly this just wasn’t the case for us, as we fell at the final hurdle and found ourselves not being able to close the game out when we had the tools to do so.

Likewise to our match against Avant Gaming, Mammoth picked up a much needed teamfight towards the top side jungle in the late game and ultimately secured victory over us.

PGG vs Gravitas

With an already grim weekend in the bag, our team was hoping to come out with some positives - which would be securing the head-to-head over Gravitas coming into week ten of the Oceanic Pro League.

Things started off really well, with multiple successful ganks made by Souli from the get go. But sadly it just wasn’t enough, as Gravitas managed to snowball their team composition in their favour and overcame us towards the later stages of the match. With that being said, we found ourselves with yet another defeat and an overall 0:3 weekend.

Coaches Thoughts - @Westonway

Head Coach of our Oceanic Pro League team, Scott “Westonway” Farmer, gave comment on the disappointing weekend by stating “we are disappointed with this weekend's results as we had hoped to lock in our playoffs. We will work our hardest to ensure we win all our matches and achieve playoffs this week.”

“This week, we will be adding in additional practice sessions and making minor strategic changes. I intend to ensure we make the most use of the time we have available to maximise our chances this weekend,” concluded Scott.

Week Nine Schedule:

vs. ORDER / 03-04-2020 / 3:00PM AWST

vs. Legacy Esports / 03-04-2020 / 5:00PM AWST

vs. Mammoth / 04-04-2020 / 5:00PM AWST

Be sure to catch all the action live over on Twitch come this Friday.