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OPL Week 8 - Recap & Highlights Reel

Week eight of the Oceanic Pro League saw all teams competing online, following the closure of the Riot Oceania studios due to the growing COVID-19 pandemic - this meant that all teams had to adapt to playing their official matches online.

Dire Wolves and The Chiefs Esports Club are no easy target this split, with both sitting first and third respectively. Sadly both of them proved way too strong for our roster, as we unfortunately couldn’t pick up either match in our first weekend online.

PGG vs The Chiefs

We never really seemed to get anything going in our match against the first place Chiefs roster, as they just seemed to dominate all lanes throughout the duration of the match - outside of a counter-gank made by BioPanther in the middle lane on his trusty Mordekeiser pick.

Despite some efforts in focusing objectives, The Chiefs’ early game power carried on throughout the match and ultimately we fell in a tough sub-thirty minute match.

With that being said, The Chiefs now hold a 3:0 record over our roster for the regular season and will maintain that unless we face them in the playoffs for a chance to alter that scoreline.

PGG vs Dire Wolves

Expectations were running high for this match, as both the Dire Wolves and us have won a match against each other for split one of the Oceanic Pro League. It looked like we were settling in for a good one from the get-go, as each team picked up two kills in the bottom lane to start the game.

But much like our match against The Chiefs, Dire Wolves were able to snowball the match with continuous pressure in our solo lanes and ultimately walked over the top of us for the remainder of the match.

Our record against the wolf pack now sits 1:2 coming into potential playoffs contention. If we want any chance changing that record in our favour, we will need to finish the last two weeks on a high note.

Coaches Thoughts - @Westonway

Head Coach of our Oceanic Pro League team, Scott “Westonway” Farmer, gave his thoughts on last weekend by stating “last weekend’s games against Dire Wolves and Chiefs were a disappointment.”

“Going into the matches, we had high hopes. However, we were unable to execute on our game plan. Going forward we will need to determine what we need to change or improve in order to succeed in the playoffs,” finished Scott.

Week Nine Schedule:

vs. Avant Gaming / 27-03-2020 / 1:00PM AWST

vs. Mammoth / 27-03-2020 / 3:00PM AWST

vs. Gravitas / 28-03-2020 / 4:00PM AWST

Be sure to catch all the action live over on Twitch come this Friday.

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