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OPL Week 7 - Recap & Highlights Reel

Week seven of the Oceanic Pro League saw our League of Legends team play only one of the two scheduled matches - as the Saturday games were deemed postponed until further notice due to precautions around COVID-19.

Although with that being said, the one game we did play was a huge success, as we managed to take down the second placed team in the league - Legacy Esports.


Coming into this match, Legacy had the upper-hand with a prior win over our team. But they also came into this match not fielding their original roster, as their mid laner (Emenes) has since left the Oceanic Pro League. Instead, Legacy fielded a veteran of the Oceanic Pro League, Tally.

Once both teams entered Summoner’s Rift, Souli managed to kick off the match with a counter-gank towards the middle lane on his Lee Sin pick - which netted our team first blood. A great start for the team and a strong confidence boost which carried on throughout the game.

Following a few tit for tat’s between the two junglers in each of the lanes, things were at a stalemate until a fight abrupted around the Rift Herald. Despite Souli being caught out from a Nautilus hook, the rest of the team came in clutch to help secure the Herald and trade off a kill for themselves. With that being said, Rogue somehow managed to out-smite Legacy on his Braum Support pick to secure the Herald.

With Rift Herald secured, all of the lanes focused on shoving their waves until Souli made his way to the bottom lane to help push the Rift Herald all the way into Legacy Esports’ inhibitor.

Off the back of some solid map control from our team, Souli managed to consistently take down drakes which entailed us securing the Soul Drake towards the middle of the game. With the Soul Drake in the bag, we continued to put pressure around the map until the Elder Drake became known on the Rift.

After some solid baiting from the whole team, we managed to pull Legacy Esports into a choke point around the Dragon Pit, then we successfully ran over the top of them to secure the Elder Drake and ultimately ended the game.

With that win over Legacy Esports, we now sit on the leaderboard in fifth place with six wins and seven losses. Despite having to postpone our match against Mammoth, we will face them during week nine of the Oceanic Pro League.

Coaches Thoughts - @Westonway

Head Coach of our team, Scott "Westonway" Farmer, gave his thoughts on the weekend by stating "this week we played only one game against Legacy and achieved a victory. This victory proved a huge milestone for our team, as it was the first time this season we had shown a similar quality of performance on stage as we do in practice."

"The aim for next week shall be to consistently show this high quality performance for our official matches," finished Scott.

Week Three Schedule:

vs. Chiefs / 20-03-2020 / 3:00PM AWST

vs. Dire Wolves / 14-03-2020 / 3:00PM AWST

Be sure to catch all the action live over on Twitch come this Friday.

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