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OPL Week 6 - Recap & Highlights Reel

With week six of the Oceanic Pro League now in the books, our League of Legends team has cemented fifth place coming into week seven. From here on out, every win will be decisive for our team to lock in a spot in the playoffs after week ten.

Week six saw our team face up against ORDER and Gravitas - with us having a win over ORDER and a loss to Gravitas from the first round-robin coming into the weekend.


Last time we met ORDER on Summoners Rift, our team put on a show and managed to roll over the top of them with a dominant performance. But this time it seemed ORDER had done their homework and were ready for what we had to put forward.

Despite some of our players being on comfort champions, it seemed that ORDER had drafted in their favour right from the get go. In fact, ORDER managed to pick up first blood in the middle lane prior to the five minute mark. Following first blood, the match continued to snowball in their favour and our team just couldn’t pick up the pieces.

Towards the later half of the match, Praedyth managed to secure two kills of his own to help push our team back into the game - unfortunately it wasn’t enough. At the twenty eight minute mark a team fight occurred around the dragon pit in which ORDER secured the drake and four kills to go with it; ultimately ending the game at the thirty minute mark.

With that being said, Pentanet.GG and ORDER now hold a win a piece - which sets our week ten match up to be a huge game.

PGG vs Gravitas

Gravitas were able to overcome our side when we faced them in week two of the Oceanic Pro League, but our boys were determined to not let that happen again this week. In fact, they completely ran over the top of Gravitas this past weekend.

Our Jungler, Souli, was on Lee Sin for the first time this split and looked to be in his element; securing objectives left right and centre by himself in the first ten minutes. Although we gave first blood over to Gravitas, Souli managed to trade that off for the Rift Herald - which later contributed to securing the first turret of the game.

Following the ten minute mark of the match was when the game spiraled in our favour, as we went on to hold a solid gold lead for the rest of the match. With that being said, the words “secure objectives” seemed to be cemented in our teams heads, as they went on a tirade of focusing objectives up until securing both the Baron and Soul Drake.

With a massive gold lead and the Soul Drake in our pocket, our team pushed the Gravitas based and ended the game with Praedyth closing it out with a massive Quadra Kill to put the final nails in their coffin.

Coaches Thoughts - @Westonway

Speaking on the first match of the weekend, Head Coach of Pentanet.GG, Scott “Westonway” Farmer said “last weekend we played against ORDER and Gravitas. We went 1-1 again this weekend. The loss against ORDER was disappointing, as most of the players were keen to pick up the second win against them and gain the head to head.”

“We made some early macro mistakes that allowed Haeri's Irelia to get very fed and the game quickly snowballed beyond our control. There were some signs of a comeback later on in the game, but ultimately we were unable to bring the game back,” finished Scott.

Closing out his thoughts, Scott talked about the match against Gravitas, stating “our second match against Gravitas was much cleaner. After our loss against ORDER on Friday, we reviewed our macro and put a lot of emphasis on playing a clean game, which we were able to achieve against Gravitas.”

Week Three Schedule:

vs. Legacy / 13-03-2020 / 2:00PM AWST

vs. Mammoth / 14-03-2020 / 1:00PM AWST

Be sure to catch all the action live over on Twitch come this Friday.

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