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OPL Week 4 - Recap & Highlights Reel

Week four of the Oceanic Pro League marked the first round-robin coming to a close, with our final match of the round-robin being against Mammoth Esports on the Friday. Saturday marked our first match of the second round-robin, with that being played against The Chiefs.

Following a strong performance during week three by our League of Legends team, it seemed that they were able to maintain that form coming into week four - as we picked up a decisive win over Mammoth Esports and pushed an unbeaten Chiefs side to their limits; ultimately ending in a tight defeat for our team.

PGG vs Mammoth Esports

For our first match of the weekend we were up against a winless Mammoth Esports side, who had nothing to lose but everything to gain from their match against us. With that being said, it seemed they had a game plan down pack - focusing objectives for the first fifteen minutes of the match, whereas our boys hunted kills around the top lane.

Although Mammoth managed to pick up a few drakes in the early stages of the match, alongside a Rift Herald, our League of Legends team kept their eyes set on shutting down the Ornn player in the top lane - successfully diving him under turret three times in twenty minutes.

After losing the first few objectives to Mammoth, it seemed our team had enough of shutting down their top laner and instead focused on grouping up for the later stages of the game. With that being said, their eyes were set on team fighting around the dragon pit; which ultimately became the turning point in the series, as they completely ran over the Mammoth Esport side.

Following the first initial team fight, it seemed that would be Mammoth’s downfall, as consistent team fight wins for our team played out for the rest of the match and we ultimately ended the game following a fight for the dragon soul.

PGG vs The Chiefs

The Chiefs Esports Club was our first ever opponent in the Oceanic Pro League, as we lost to them in game one of week one, so this rematch was definitely a personal one for the boys. Although it was not going to be easy, given that The Chiefs were unbeaten coming into the game.

Throughout the split The Chiefs Esports Club had an average end-game rate of twenty-seven minutes, but our boys managed to put up a massive thirty-seven minute game against the ranked one team in the league, following some huge displays of teamwork.

It seemed that the series was playing out similar to our match against Mammoth - as The Chiefs focused on acquiring drakes and map objectives, whilst our team went around the map assassinating everyone that stood in their path.

With that being said, The Chiefs managed to turn a team fight in the later stages of the match which looked to be our detriment. But we weren’t done there, as we went on to mimic their performance and picked up a team fight of our own soon after.

Ultimately our detriment came down to some of our players being caught off guard in the middle lane, which caused a late rotation from our outer lanes and finally we ended up falling to the hands of The Chiefs as the thirty-seven minute mark came around.

Coaches Thoughts - @Westonway

Head Coach of our Oceanic Pro League team, Scott “Westonway” Farmer, gave his thoughts on both matches by stating “last weekend we played Mammoth and Chiefs - finishing the weekend 1-1. We had a shaky opening and fell behind against Mammoth in the early stages, but in spite of this, we had a strong team fighting composition and were able to use that to run over them.”

“Against The Chiefs, we went in with much more confidence. We played another scaling composition, similar to the one we played against Mammoth. We were able to reach our compositions' strong point, however we were unable to win a crucial team fight which resulted in us losing dragon soul and eventually the game,” continued Scott.

“Overall, I was happy with the team’s performance this past weekend,” concluded Scott.

Week Three Schedule:

vs. Dire Wolves / 28-02-2020 / 4:00PM AWST

vs. Avant Gaming / 29-02-2020 / 3:00PM AWST

Be sure to catch all the action live over on Twitch come this Friday.

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