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OPL Week 2 - Recap & Highlights Reel

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Week two of the Oceanic Pro League has come to a close and sadly for our team, we were faced with back to back defeats on the weekend.

But nonetheless, the team plans to regroup and come back even stronger this coming week.

PGG vs Avant Gaming

Coming into our match against Avant, our team felt confident about the approach to the set and looked forward to hopefully putting some more points on the board.

Throughout the set Avant played a very strong tempo through the jungle, securing objectives and consistently contesting in the dragon pit. With that being said, our downfall came down to a contested teamfight around the dragon pit for the “soul drake”, which sadly tilted in Avant’s favour.

Following a lost teamfight around the dragon pit, Avant moved to siege our base and ultimately destroyed our nexus to win the match.

PGG vs Gravitas

Given our loss on day one, hopes were high for a victory to brighten up the weekend! But Gravitas seemed to have other plans for us on game day.

Likewise to all of our matches this split so far, we kicked off the match with a strong early game performance across the board. Ultimately, we weren’t able to synergize when it came down to teamfights towards the middle of the game - which ended up giving Gravitas a heavy lead coming into the end game.

Although we managed to put together a strong team fight which could have turned the tides of the match, Gravitas were able to bite back with one of their own and then went on to siege our base and end the game.

Coach’s Thoughts - @Westonway

“Leading up to the Avant and Gravitas matches, we had been feeling very confident after a successful week of scrims.

“We play a very fast-paced, team orientated game in practice and when game day came, we shifted away from this style. I believe this was a result of a lack of comfortability on stage.

“In spite of the loss, the players are still in high spirits and confident in our ability to succeed. We’ll come back stronger next week and continue to grow through the competition.”

Congratulations to both Avant Gaming and Gravitas on their wins over the weekend, we look forward to our rematches later in the season.

Week Three Schedule:

vs. ORDER / 15-02-20 / 1:00PM AWST

vs. Legacy / 15-02-20 / 3:00PM AWST

Be sure to catch all of the action live over on Twitch come this Saturday.

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