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OPL Week 10 - Recap & Highlights Reel

With week ten of the Oceanic Pro League now in the history books, so too is our run through the first split of the season - as we fall short of securing a spot in the playoffs.

Coming into the weekend we had to face two tough teams on the first day and both of which needed to go in our favour for us to have any chance of securing a spot in the playoffs. Although we started both matches off with promising early game advantages, we were unable to secure either and ultimately fell short of playoffs contention.

But with that being said, we were able to secure a win over Mammoth for our final game of the split!


As stated above, a win over ORDER was needed for our team to have any chance at making the playoffs. We started off the match with some promising signs - such as picking up first blood in the early stages of the match.

But following that we simply lost control of map objectives, despite not giving over many kills, and ultimately ORDER were able to take advantage of this by snowballing the game to a single teamfight in our base.

Sadly that single teamfight did not go in our favour and ORDER were able to close out the game after taking out each of our players.

PGG vs Legacy Esports

In our last encounter with Legacy Esports we managed to secure victory and draw our head-to-head for the split. But regardless of that, Legacy maintained number one position on the leaderboard following that loss and continued to grow stronger and stronger.

With that being said, they came into the match against us during week ten with all guns blazing - consistently securing mid lane priority and overwhelming all lanes to the point of submission.

Although we picked up a couple kills in the early game, it was a completely white wash overall and we ultimately fell in short succession - thus ruining our chances at securing a spot in the playoffs.

PGG vs Mammoth

Given that we had no chance of playoffs, we came into this match with nothing to lose and you could tell our boys were confident with that mindset - as they completely dominated Summoner’s Rift to secure a win to round out our first split.

Souli was on his signature Nidalee pick and managed to secure not only first blood, but also another two kills in the early game - whilst making sure all lanes were ahead of their opponent.

After securing our third drake for the match, our team ran it down mid to close the match out at the twenty five minute mark. With that being said, it was our fastest win on record for split one of the Oceanic Pro League.

Coaches Thoughts - @Westonway

Head Coach of our Oceanic Pro League team, Scott “Westonway” Farmer, gave some thoughts on the weekend by stating “last weekend, it was our goal that we could win all of our matches, and achieve playoffs. The aim was to play a strategy centered around player comfortability and to play a more individual and confident game.”

“Ultimately, we were unable to achieve the victory and fell down in both of our matches. With the team out going into Saturday, the goal became to end the season off on a high,” continued Scott.

“Players all locked in comfortable champions and went out on the rift in a positive mindset. Whilst we were disappointed not to achieve playoffs, we were able to take down Mammoth and end the season on a high note,” concluded Scott.