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OPL Week 1 - Recap & Highlights Reel

Last weekend marked Pentanet.GG’s debut in the Oceanic Pro League with our newly acquired professional League of Legends team.

The weekend was sure to deliver given that we were facing up against the iconic Chiefs roster and a multi-championship holder in the Dire Wolves. 

PGG OPL Roster:

Brandon “Biopanther” Alexander

Paris “Souli” Sitzoukis

Jarrod “Getback” Tucker

Mark “Praedyth” Lewis

Jake “Rogue” Sharwood

PGG vs The Chiefs

Day one kicked off on the Friday, with our match set to be played against The Chiefs Esports Club, who have fielded an almost completely fresh lineup from their previous season in the Oceanic Pro League and have also acquired two Korean imports during the off season. 

With the guidance of our newly acquired coach, Scott “Westonway” Farmer, the team selected a fairly “late game” composition coming into their debut match, whereas The Chiefs went for an “early game” hard engage composition - so it all came down to if we have enough time to scale into the match. Unfortunately The Chiefs were able to execute on their composition and gained a healthy lead at the start of the match. 

Despite some efforts across the board from our roster, they were defeated in an epic team fight around the baron pit towards the middle of the game and that spelled disaster - ultimately falling in defeat during our debut match. 

Humble in defeat, our team captain, Rogue, stated on Twitter “despite the loss, I’d say that match shows we aren’t a team to sleep on. Our team play right now is nutty, especially for a team that is one week into the season… just unlucky that Thien (Chiefs top laner) is a god tier Diana smurf.”

PGG vs Dire Wolves

Nonetheless, we still had one more match in the weekend to face. Dire Wolves didn’t front their full roster for their first match of the season, which left questions for our team as to whether it will be the same scenario come Saturday. Although as Saturday rolled around, we were told they would front their full lineup, which had been hyped up a lot during the pre season. 

The Pentanet.GG roster came out of the gates firing, with Rogue and Praedyth picking up first blood in the bottom lane - giving the team an early game advantage. Despite their efforts, Dire Wolves fought back into the match and picked up some kills around the solo lanes to bring back the lead in their favour. 

Towards the middle of the match, things looked grim for our side, as we lost a team fight in our bottom side jungle which could have resulted in our nexus being destroyed, but Dire Wolves opted not to push our base. 

Thanks to the brilliance of Getback, our middle laner, we were able to turn the game around during a team fight in the middle lane - which at first looked disastrous for the team. With that play, the team was able to siege some turrets whilst the Dire Wolves side regrouped. It all came down to a fight in the baron pit. 

Following an engagement by Rogue and some huge players from Getback, the team bound together to overcome the wolf pack in the baron pit and ultimately were able to rush into the Dire Wolves’ base to end the game - a huge win for our boys on our debut weekend. 

Biopanther, our team’s Top Laner, took to Twitter after the weekend to state “I’m really happy how this weekend turned out. I’ve improved a lot since first playing with the team and if we keep this trend forward, we will be the best team in the league!”

With that win on the board, we now sit tied for third place after the first week of the Oceanic Pro League. Coming into week two, we will be facing up against Gravitas and Avant Gaming, which are set to be some exciting matches to watch.

Week Two Matches:

vs. Avant Gaming / 3:00PM AWST / 7 February 2020

vs. Gravitas / 1:00PM AWST / 8 February 2020

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