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Jackson "Pabu" Pavone on climbing the solo queue ladder

New recruit to our League of Legends roster, Jackson “Pabu” Pavone, has recently hit the highest rank on the Oceanic solo queue ladder - a career high for him. We sat down with him to discuss his transition from top lane to jungle, challenges he faces and any advice he may have for anyone climbing the solo queue ladder themselves.

The Transition

Prior to joining Pentanet.GG, Pabu was a veteran top laner of the Oceanic Pro League; having played the role on multiple teams over the past few years. But as season ten came around, he wanted to transition into the jungle role - initially announcing that he is willing to flex into the role for split one of the Oceanic Pro League.

Although Pabu turned down offers to join teams, he ended up playing for Gravitas in the top lane to finish off their last few weeks of split one.

As split two rolls around, we have acquired him to fill that Jungle role he desires. With that being said, he has been grinding hard in solo queue - having gained 600LP (ladder points) since playing the jungle role this season and secured the top dog spot on the ladder, first place.

Pabu spoke to us about the transition by stating “the jungle role does require a vastly different skill set to top lane. My level of awareness of the entire map and my understanding of what each and every player across the map needs and desires had to increase substantially.”

“I also had to learn the specifics of the jungle role - how the new champions I have to play are best piloted, how they interact with each other, how to interact with my lanes and how to clear. I’ve done a lot of work with my junglers in the past, so I’ve sort of skipped the awkward baby steps and made progress really fast.”

Pabu then went on to reference how his experience has a top laner has benefited him through this transition by stating “fortunately my skill set as a top laner - understanding waves, champion matchups, what lane states need attention - is incredibly useful as a jungler and I think that’s the unique advantage I bring over the junglers in this region. Only Croc (jungler for The Chiefs) seems to possess a similar knowledge of lanes.”

Maintaining Consistency

The state of solo queue has been a hot topic in the League of Legends community as of late, so we asked Pabu how one maintains their consistency when climbing the ladders. He went on to state that “high percentage plays are the easiest way to consistently climb in solo queue. Players that constantly force high variance plays are the ones that bounce from top to bottom in Challenger to Diamond 3 over and over again.”

“Making sure you’re making the best decisions consistently is how you climb quickly and steadily - it’s the easiest way to make sure you always have a positive influence over the game,” concluded Pabu.

Challenges You’ll Face

Continuing on with the state of solo queue, Pabu went on to talk about the challenges one will face when climbing. He began by stating that “often you’ll run into problematic players - they’re often toxic, bad, or just straight up annoying. It’s really easy to run into these players and have them disrupt your focus.”

“I fell victim to this for a long time - I think I have always been a good player, but have never really been able to make my way past the bottom of top ten, since I would always eventually reach a point of frustration where my play starts to decline,” he continued.

“Ultimately, this frustration is both unnecessary emotional effort and detrimental to one’s improvement. Once I learnt to minimise it, I found myself climbing a lot more consistently.”

Speaking on how one would overcome said challenges above, Pabu went on to say “eventually you’ll either fail to overcome the mental block that the players around you represent and you will not succeed, or your despite to improve and become a better player will triumph.”

“Ultimately there is no secret - you just have to stop caring about those that make your experience bad. They have no impact if you do not let them. If you have the ability, and you fix your mental, you will succeed,” finished Pabu.

Come June 5th, Pabu will be debuting for Pentanet.GG in the Oceanic Pro League. If you wish to stay connected with his progress through the off-season, be sure to connect with him on Twitter.