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GM Update - Pete Chat

We're into week 6 of the OPL this week and the team is flying! Considering it's our first year in the OPL, we've been really happy as an organisation with our team's performance against the other teams, but the thing that has been most impressive is the exciting culture going on within the team itself and at the Pentanet.GG house in Sydney. I've heard the guys have even launched a weekly board games night, and I'm looking forward to seeing more behind the scenes content now that everyone has settled into a good weekly routine.


This weekend is a big weekend in the Rift for us, and I'm confident our boys will finish up having gone back to back against Order and Gravitas, two teams who have had inconsistent seasons.

We beat Order last time in a match we couldn't pick, and we lost against Gravitas last time in a match I had expected us to win, so this weekend could throw up anything.


We had an epic couple of days at Hyde Park Fair over the long weekend! If you made it out to say hello, it was great to see you.

We held a massive local LAN activation complete with PCs and consoles, and heaps of people popped by to have a game and talk about esports, newbies and pros alike! Heaps of happy faces, yelling, and GGs! You'll see more of our activations pop up around town throughout the year so be sure to stop in and say hello as we continue our quest to break down the walls around esports and gaming!


That's it from me, catch me on twitter for a chat - @PeteCurulli. Happy gaming legends!

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